About Us

Accurate Handloading School was formed in California in 2004 to conduct the National Rifle Association (NRA) class in Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading and the NRA class in Basic Shotgun cartridge Reloading. In 2009 Accurate Handloading School relocated to Prescott, Arizona.

The principal instructor is NRA certified reloading instructor .  Doug is also an NRA certified pistol instructor and a former California Department of Justice certified instructor.

The two basic reloading classes, Basic Metallic (rifle and handgun) and Basic Shotgun, were developed by the NRA and are the result of a joint effort involving the NRA Education & Training Division, the members of the National Reloading Manufacturers Association (NRMA), prominent manufacturers of ammunition, firearms and reloading equipment, and other organizations and individuals having specialized skills and expertise in reloading, ballistics and relat­ed topics. Every effort was made to provide the necessary basic information to reload ammunition safely and effectively, and to present the techniques of reloading in a logical, easy-to-understand, sequence of steps.

In 2005, the Precision Handloading Class was developed. The class uses the Precision Shooting Reloading Guide, published by Precision Shooting, Inc., as the basic text. The content of the class is generally accepted as fundamental to the assembly of  rifle ammunition for competition. This is a class for those with an understanding of basic rifle reloading procedures who want to expand their knowledge to include handloading of precision rifle ammunition suitable for F-Class and benchrest type competitions. This is not an NRA developed or sponsored course.